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DFY Motivational Social Media Quote Posters

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Launch Overview

If your customers are overwhelmed by the thought of creating graphics for their social media channels, this DFY package is a must. At a fraction of what it would cost factoring in their time and the cost of quality images, $19 for a 60 day supply of images is a complete no-brainer.

I'm paying 60% commissions on all qualified orders. Commissions will be paid 7 days after orders are processed. Ordering through your affiliate link is not allowed.

Launch Details

Your customers will be able to pick up a pack of 60 Motivational Quote Posters for both Facebook and Instagram (120 posters in total) that they can simply download, brand and post, saving them time, hassle and money.

You can see the sales page here.

MAIN OFFER: 60 DFY Motivational Social Media Quote Posters (for Facebook and Instagram)

Here’s a sample of just SOME of the quote posters your customers will receive:

BUMP OFFER: 365 Days' Worth of Engaging Social Media Content (for use on ANY platform)

Here’s a sample of just SOME of the content your customers will receive:

Summary of Product and Funnel

Main Offer: $19

Bump Offer: $15 

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​SUBJECT: Bonus Just Announced


Hey [name],

For the past couple of days I've been telling you about Suzanne S Farmer's done-for-you motivational social media quote posters bundle.

If you haven't gotten in yet, here's a great reason to jump in NOW: Suzanne has announced that everyone who buys the bundle by ​midnight tonight, PT, will get a bonus of 30 Twitter graphics that match the photo graphics in the pack.

Here's where you need to go to get access to all the goodies: [YOUR AFFILIATE LINK]

This means that you'll have Twitter-sized graphics that you can simply download, brand and post - but ONLY if you take action by midnight tonight, PT.

I'd hate for you to miss out on these extra graphics, so if you haven't purchased yet, be sure to get them today or tonight! And yes, if you've already purchased before today, you WILL be getting these extra graphics as well. You'll get them manually within a day or two, so don't panic if you don't get them automatically after your purchase.

To less stress and better graphics,

[Your Name]

P.S. Remember, if you get the pack by tonight at midnight PT, you'll get those extra Twitter graphics! [YOUR AFFILIATE LINK]

Thanks again for your support! I look forward to helping your peeps out with their graphics AND paying you lots of commissions!

If you have any questions at all, please reach out to me on Facebook.

​Suzanne S Farmer