... And properly represent yourself, your business, and your brand...

Dear Fellow Business Owner and Solopreneur,

You KNOW you need visual content for social media. You've heard the stats:

There’s just one itty-bitty problem: You’re not a graphic designer. And you’re a solopreneur, who has limited time to be working on graphic creation. Simply put – the time you’re spending on creating graphics is time you could be coaching, consulting or making calls for your business.

So what are your alternatives?

Hire a designer?

Sure, you can do that... IF you have the money to pay a designer AND the time to wait until the designer has time to complete your project...

But what if you're not financially solid enough to hire someone?

Perhaps you've thought about hiring someone on Fiverr... but even on Fiverr, the investment in graphics can be large, when you factor in how many graphics of all sorts you need...

And you've heard it can be a crapshoot depending on the person you use...

And you just don't have the time, money or desire to experiment with finding someone to create what you need...

Buy pre-made graphics?

Yes, you can do that... 

There are lots of pre-made graphics on the market (I sell them also). And those can be great, for quick posting so you can get something up on your social media channels...

The challenge with using those is often how you can use those to really represent YOU. YOUR brand. YOUR business. 

Because while premade graphics have their place and can be very useful, they need to be able to fit you. They need to be unique and communicate what YOU and YOUR business are all about.

So what IS the SOLUTION?

There's a middle ground to be had, between hiring a designer and paying a fortune, and using ONLY pre-made graphics. 

And this is what I can help you do.

Introducing... the "Differentiate Your Graphics" Live Webclass

In my live webclass, I'm going to show you how to use pre-made graphics that you've bought, or even those available for free, to suit YOUR business. In this live class, I will show you examples of how to do this, so that your graphics truly suit you AND are unique to your business. As a bonus, at the end of the class, you'll also get 10 designs that you can use as backgrounds or starters for your own graphics.

You may be wondering what qualifies me to create, market, and teach about social media graphics. I didn't go to school for graphic design; I'm very much self-taught. I started out wanting to create graphics for my blog but not having any experience with programs like Photoshop. After almost tearing my hair out after months of trying to learn Photoshop and other similar programs, I found a few different apps that allowed me to start designing my graphics easily. BONUS: they looked fantastic, too!

Over the past several years I have taught myself how to use ​these apps to create graphics of all types - social media, e-book covers, greeting cards, and many other kinds. 

In fact, because I've grown to love design so much AND because I love teaching so much, ​I created a course on how to create beautiful social media graphics using free or inexpensive apps. I've had rave reviews. Don't take my word for it, though... here is the feedback I got from just ​a few of my students about my social media graphics course:

New level of confidence

I had tried to make things on Canva before I took Suzanne's course, but I always felt like I didn't have the tips and tricks that were going to get me the professional results I wanted. After going through the course, I could see, step by step, how to pull together a polished looking result.

I would recommend this course for anyone who wants to up their game and feel like they have put something out into the online space that looks like a pro did it! You will have a new level of confidence after completing this course.

Carolyn Phillips Vancouver, Canada

Will pay for itself within the first week

Before Suzanne's course I did the best I could with making graphics. I worked with a few of the platforms and did very limited type of functions. I knew I needed to use graphics in my business, so I tried to post something on a daily basis, at least on Instagram. There is just so much more now that I know that I can do that I didn't know before.

One of the largest takeaways I received was the ability to layer in Canva that gives you a Photoshop effect without having to use Photoshop. I also really enjoyed the Pinterest lesson. Every single one of the modules is valuable.

This course is perfect for anyone who wants to sharpen their skills in Canva and make their work look amazing and very professional without having to spend money.

The investment you make in this course will pay for itself within the first week or the first few times that you actually use it, because your graphics will look so much better. You will attract more people to your business which will convert into more sales.

Dr. Marilyn Johnson, N.D. Atlanta, GA

Worth much more than the asking price!

I was interested in Suzanne's video course because I am very interested in graphic design and felt that this would be a good fit for when I launch my business.

Before completing the course, I didn't make any graphics as I had no confidence in my ability to do so. I felt that it was a difficult process and didn't know where to start, what size the graphics needed to be for the different platforms. I had tried using Photoshop, but that is a very steep learning curve and I would normally walk away very frustrated.

Following through the videos in the course I am now confident in my ability to make social media graphics for any platform. Suzanne made it all so easy and simple to do with her in-depth instructions and attention to detail in explaining everything you need to know. My favorite part of the course was about making Pinterest graphics and 3D covers.

This course is perfect for beginners as Suzanne does a wonderful job of explaining Canva in-depth at the very start of the course with an overview video. I also think that people who have used Canva for a while will also benefit from this course as the content is very extensive.

If part of your business is going to be posting social media graphics, then you need this course, or else you will be paying someone else to create them when it isn't necessary. It is all here, and once you see Suzanne create some graphics to give you an idea, you see how uncomplicated it really is.

The course that Suzanne has created is in-depth with short videos. She does a brilliant job of explaining the point she is trying to get across in each video without any fluff. I have really enjoyed it as I was not aware of all the features that are available to you within Canva. It is easily worth more than double what Suzanne is charging for it.

Karyn Jackson Christchurch, New Zealand

​Here's another look at what you're getting:

  • Live webclass on how to turn pre-made graphics and readily available free graphics and templates into graphics that represent YOUR business and brand with examples of how to do this
  • 10 designs that you can use as backgrounds or starters for your own graphics.

I look forward to seeing you in class!

Suzanne S Farmer

Suzanne S Farmer