​Suzanne S Farmer here...

​Thanks for picking up your copy of Fast Money Formulas!

​​This is another great collaboration by Tony Shepherd and me. It has some powerful information on standing out from the crowd, and Tony and I consider it essential for success. 

Here's Tony to tell you more about it...

Create Attention-Getting Sales Hooks 

(How to Make Money From Your Competitor's Vanilla-ness!)

They say 'There are no new ideas under the sun.'

True or false?

I have no idea, but I DO know that creating impossible to ignore angles to position and sell your products is a LOT easier than trying to come up with a new idea every time.

I'll Show You Exactly How to Make Your Products And Services Appear Unique!

Do you want to multiply the number of people who buy from you AND without having to resort to 'brute-force' selling techniques?

Daft question because ABSOLUTELY that's what you, I and every other marketer out there wants, right?

Unfortunately some people will never manage to do it.


Because they just create products and try to sell them in the same way as everyone else in their niche.

Bad move if you want to earn any money.

So why make it harder for yourself?

Never Create Anything Unless It Has An ANGLE

There's a lot to lose...

If you don't create unique angles it'll be harder to get noticed, harder to compete, harder to get your share of the market income which is one of the main reasons many talented people give up before they have chance to see any success!​​​​​​​

What IS an ​Angle?

It's a way of framing your content and offers so they grab (in an iron fist!) your customer's attention while making your products seem unique. Easily and effectively!

The truth is that with a little tweaking and the insider-secrets that I'll be sharing, you'll be able to sell ANY product faster and in more multiples than your closest competition!

The fact is that someone is going to make the sale to an interested buyer.

The question is will it be YOU or your COMPETITOR?

I'll show you exactly how you can angle products better than your competitior so that a buyer walks PAST theirs without even noticing...

...and buys yours!

That's the POWER of ANGLING your product correctly.

You NEED to know how to do this if you want to compete!

Once you know how to do this you'll NEVER look back.

And once you've seen this WORK you'll never create another product, service, salespage or ANYTHING without an angle.

Why would you?

Because it's so much EASIER to follow my 'Angle' strategies than trying to compete with your competitiors from a standing start.

Your competitors are most likely NOT doing this so now is the time to act...

You can start using these strategies immediately.

There's no lengthy learning curve - you just read through this 30-page, no-fluff PDF, choose which of the strategies applies best to your product and make a few simple changes.

At best you'll be able to do this within minutes, at worst you'll jump on Google for an hour or two and do some simple research before creating your UNIQUE product angle.

You can use one or more of these strategies on everything you create and I fully recommend that you do.

If you haven't created anything yet you'll be coming from a VERY strong position and will be able to create products, services and salespages faster than you ever imagined...

...because you'll know exactly what to do.

​Here's Just SOME of What You'll Discover:
  • ​ Why you should NEVER create a product without an angle (page 3)
  • ​ Case study of how we outsold the competition with this clever angle (page 6)
  •  The one word that increased my conversions by over 30% (page 8)
  • ​ How to find (or create) the angle in your OWN products (page 9)
  • How to sell the same info as everyone else but ensure YOU make the sale
  • ​ How to use angles to make sales without any history, proof or rep (page 10 and 11)
  • ​ How to find your 'hidden' leverage to make more sales (page 14)
  • ​ Make it 'microwave' instant - POWERFUL angle (page 16)
  •  Challenging conventional wisdom (page 17)
  •  The one angle you MUST know about (page 18)
  •  The 'show and tell' angle (page 21)
  •  The KILLER fast research angle that ANYONE can use (page 23)
  • Where to get inspiration and great angles for FREE (page 26)
What's in it for you?

Well you can start using these strategies immediately, whether you already have products or not. I can almost guarantee you'll see an increase in conversions for exiting products, and if you start creating products using these strategies you should attain higher conversions right out of the door.

You get simplicity - All these strategies are workable regardless of what level you're at.

You get actual examples - This isn't just theory. I've been using these for ten years and have earned consistently as a full-time online writer and marketer because of them, and I show you lots of examples.

​Your Choice

Let's get down to the nitty-gritty...

I'm an internet marketer and I make money by teaching others the skills I have acquired over the years - the skills to create their own online business and to become as financially self-sufficient as they wish.

I can't guarantee you'll succeed with these methods because I can't make you do the work that's required - I'm not your mum - but I can promise you that by the end of this report you WILL have something concrete to act on, if you choose.

I can hand that to you, starting in about 2 minutes if you wish.

The choice is yours.

See you on the inside...